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​Stick It To The Man!

Stick'n It To The Man is about funny and outrageous things people might want to say, but  don't.   The scenes and super-short stories are illustrated with fresh, endearing,  and mischeivious Wise-Guy animal cartoon characters.   It is uncommonly filled with many wonderfully detailed and fully scaled illustrations:  24  illustrations are provided of these intereactingly  funny, lovable, and furry Wise-Guy friends blending into our real worlds.  This book  introduces 10 of the many main characters in the Wise-Guy cast.   These Wise-Guys and their other Wise-Guys friends unite for Wise-Guy Humor and friendship.   They have a Wise-Guy fraternity with a Wise-Guy  creed, which is included in poem form. 

Also, for you and your friends to enjoy, the Wise-Guy cast will soon launch greeting cards of their performances carrying out their jokes and gags.  

The chapters of this Wise-Guy book touch upon jokes having topics such as:  You Might Be a Wise-Guy If...,  Wise-Guy and Not- So Nice-Guy-Boss Moments...,  Headlines and New Stories By Wise-Guys for Wise-Guys, You Might be a Wuss If..., and You Might be a Jerk Break Up Lines (told by funny women and men).  It also has a really short chapter on  How to Have a Clean Break-up, and ends with funny and well written Off-the-Wall - Wise-Guy Poetry.  It's a book that will  make you laugh and keep you coming back for more Wise-Guy Humor.