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​You Might Be A Wise Guy If........

Wise-Guy Humor is about Wise-Guys, for Wise-guys and those who aspire to be or acquainted with one.  Wise-Guy Humor is filled with a variety of fun-loving, twisted, sometimes shocking type of humor relevant to the human spirit and American culture.  

Who hasn’t known a Wise-Guy who can turn almost any situation into a good honest soulful laugh or a fun fresh adventure?  Conversely, who hasn’t experienced a Wussie moment or encountered a Jerk?  Who hasn’t had to endure absurdity while being held down by “The Man” or "The Wo-man”, then fantasize about how to humorously cope or “turn the tables” on the Wiley Coyote type?  

Wise-Guy Humor, in part, is about how a true Wise-Guy might respond or think during these types of situations:  it is also about how to fail with style and how to become liberated in the process.

You live life like a cartoon strip or a movie:  so every day is a major adventure for you.
As a child and even at the age of 40 and above, before you follow through with a wild or off-the-wall idea, you ask  yourself first; "Would my mother be embarrassed?", then use the affirmative yes to proceed.
Although you know nothing about snow skiing, you confidently ask to rent the fastest skis for your first attempt, and then decline a professional lesson because you think you're a natural athlete;  but in reality you're setting yourself up for an I'm-A-Natural - Fred Flinstone - Ha Ha Ha - Wise-Guy type of disaster moment.
Every time you go to the mall you park near the Macy's entrance; the one that always has the super sexy displayed lingerie.  That's the only guaranteed way you have found, for your one track mind, not to get lost when it is time to leave.
Immediately after giving birth your sweetheart hands you your baby butt first and says; "look he's got your smile".  This could be a sign not only that you're  a Wise-Guy, but your sweetheart is a Wise-Guy-Type-of-Gal.